“I believe that people’s decisions tilt the world towards heaven or hell. I think there’s no more accurate way of describing the consequences of each of your decisions other than that. You face potential. It’s not material reality, it’s potential. And every decision you make, you’re deciding whether you want to make the world better or worse. The ultimate ‘better’ is heaven and the ultimate ‘worse’ is hell. We know how to make the world into hell; we’ve done that multiple times. Much of the 20th century was that.”

I would rather that the world didn’t degenerate into hell. And I understand why people want it to degenerate into hell: they’re angry. They’re angry because they suffer, they suffer unfairly, and they suffer because people hurt them. And so they think ‘this is a bad game, I’m not going to help make it better.

There’s definite suffering and malevolence in the world—we can fix it; you haven’t got anything better to do. We’re not going to run out of potential. […] And so my question is, the world is a rough place, there’s no doubt about it. It’s a harsh place. But my question is, what would happen if we stop making it worse? How good could it be if we stop making it worse?

In 20 years there wouldn’t have to be a single person in the world that was hungry. In 20 years we could get rid of the five biggest diseases that currently plague the planet. We could straighten things out. Or we could let the whole thing degenerate into hell. So, each of us is making that decision with each decision. So, take your choice. You want hell or you want heaven?“

— Jordan Peterson