You are wholly responsible for your life's outcome. We can't choose where we start, but most of us can choose where we end up.

The only people who have any right to complain about the cards they’ve been dealt are those with severe physical or mental disabilities that are out of their control (ironically, these same people usually overcome their shortcomings and persevere to the best of their abilities). For those members of society who have full control over their person, the only person or thing to blame for an unhappy life is oneself. This is difficult to accept because it means that you have to assume full responsibility for your actions.

If you consider life to be “bad,” it’s very unlikely that external influences are the culprit for that appraisal. Instead, it’s in a bad place because of your own poor choices. Learn to accept your faults and work to correct them. Using them as an excuse for not trying is a waste of a life. You don’t “have to” take those drugs. You don’t “have to” fuck that girl. Life is a game and getting to the finish line is predicated on making consistently correct choices.