Relaxing, taking my time, and not stressing about most things. I’ve found this approach feels better and actually leads to being more productive.

Embracing my personality I’m acerbic and a bit of an asshole but I’m also incredibly kind, polite, and warmhearted. I think it’s a nice balance and have no intent to change.

Sleeping! – I used to force myself to get up and be at my desk at 6am every day, often at the expense of my sleep cycle. After listening to the work of this fellow, though, I took stock and decided to try adjusting my schedule so that I could get a full 7-8 hours of sleep every single night. Overall, the time that I used to “gain” by not sleeping has not been lost by forcing myself to get a full night’s rest—quite the opposite; I’m far more productive and efficient.

Getting fit and adopting a lifestyle that allows that to continue long-term.

My current routine:

Monday & Wednesday Evening

  • Run 7 sprints, 30 seconds apart at 8 MPH (on a treadmill at a 1.5 incline).
  • Weightlifting. Five exercises, three sets each, 12-15 reps per set. I use a set of 25lb dumbbells, a 30lb kettlebell, TRX straps (bodyweight), and a 20kg barbell for this.

Saturday Morning

I’ve also started to take supplements which seem to have helped with my overall strength, stamina, and state of mind. My current stack: