Building up Clever Beagle – Currently focusing on building up the mentorship team (say hi to Matt and Merlin) and getting long-term lines of business figured out.

Coming out of my shell – I’ve spent the last few years in full-blast hermit mode. Partially for personal reasons and partially because I was so heavily focused on work (and if I’m honest, using my work as an excuse to be a hermit).

Improving my personal life – Making a habit to make more friends, get away from the desk, and clean up my personal environment (I’m currently in the process of moving to the nicest place I’ve ever lived on my own—an investment I’m making half-excitedly/half-begrudgingly).

Getting in shape – I’ve been a lil' butterball most of my life and I’ve started to cross the point where I’ve lost most of the fat (got damn). Down to 165 from 260 at the start of 2016.