Seasons of Life

As you start to get older and experience different phases of life, it’s interesting to look back on the cyclical nature of it all. Once upon a time, a negative experience left you in shambles, cold and locked off—winter—only for things to eventually work out and brighten up; summer. As you move through the seasons, it can be difficult to remember that life works that way. Up, down, sideways…they’re all a part of existence.

When you’re in a jam, it’s good to think back to equally tricky times in the past. Did that “end of the world” moment really bring about the apocalypse? Most likely not. As I’ve personally experienced some unsavory things lately, I’ve had to look back and remember that it all works out. It’s really hard to see through what you’re experiencing in the moment to the brighter future, but it does exist. It’s all about what you do now and how you navigate this moment.

If you choose to let something destroy you or your outlook on life, it likely will. But that’s the important part: it’s a choice. Sure, in times of confusion or despair it’s easy to beat yourself up. When you’re faced with adversity it takes a lot to realize all of the good in a situation. The things you’ve gotten right. The times you didn’t give up but could have. What this current situation gives instead of takes from you.

When I hit these “come on, seriously?” patches, I like to look to others for inspiration. One of my favorite sources are songs by Townes Van Zandt. A guy who decidedly lived on the fringes, Townes songs are incredibly well written—both musically and lyrically—and serve as the perfect reminder that others have gone through hell and survived to tell about it.

Earlier today while doing the dishes, I had his music playing and heard the perfect line to remind me to keep looking forward: “well, don’t you take it too bad.” If there’s one piece of advice I have for those plunged in the uncertainty of a difficult situation, I’d have to say that one lyric sums it up pretty well.